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As Scotland's complete fleet partner and specialist vehicle supplier to the construction industry, we have regular stock of welfare vans for hire and lease in Scotland. Our welfare van fleet consists of Ford transit L3 H2 FWD 7-seater crew; most are less than three years old and can be hired on a flexible term basis to suit your business needs.

For longer-term contracts, we can supply brand-new welfare vans on leasing terms fully maintained and supported by our fleet service team and backed by one of Scotland's largest mobile fleet support companies.

Supporting fleet operators with the very best in mobile welfare facilities.

Our modern, fully type-approved Welfare vans are fully kitted out with VOSA-tested 7- seats complete with seat belts, a kitchen area with hot water system and heating, and a private toilet area, providing a self-sufficient mobile unit for your workforce.

All welfare vans are available to hire to companies with their own fleet insurance who are operating in Scotland. Currently, we do not offer welfare van hire outside Scotland.

As an added service to our welfare van hire, we offer scheduled Welfare van servicing, providing you with complete peace of mind that your workforce is working in a hygienic and safe environment.

Arrange for day or evening, seven days per week, as part of your hire agreement. The accommodation's cleaning will include emptying the toilet, wiping down all surfaces, and replenishing soap, alcohol gel and paper towels.

We will also replenish first aid kits and check that all aspects of the facilities are working as they should.

  • 7 Seat Crew Van
  • Messing Unit Sink
  • Toilet with Manual Flush
  • 21 Litre 700w Water Boiler
  • 400w Microwave
  • Double Tap Handwash System
  • Diesel Fired 2kw Heater
  • Hand Cleaner
  • Hand Towel Dispenser
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher

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Business fleet Managers involved in industries like utilities, construction and civil engineering are tasked with providing a safe and comfortable working environment for their employees, especially in remote locations. Traditional solutions such as temporary structures or temporary accommodations are often inadequate, and this can have a negative impact on employee morale, health, hygiene, and overall well-being. However, by hiring or long-term leasing welfare vans, Fleet Managers can provide employees with a much better working environment and, in turn, boost productivity and job satisfaction.

One of the main benefits of hiring welfare vans is that they provide employees with a comfortable and safe environment in which to rest and recharge. This can be particularly important in remote locations where employees may be working long hours in harsh conditions. Having access to a well-equipped and comfortable welfare van can provide a much-needed respite from the rigors of the job and can help to keep employees motivated and focused.

In addition to improving employee comfort, welfare vans also provide employees with a safe and hygienic environment. Many traditional temporary accommodations or structures are not equipped with proper hygiene facilities such as washrooms, showers, or kitchens. This can lead to unhygienic conditions and a risk of health problems, 2 20230201 104714which can result in increased absenteeism and reduced productivity. Hiring or leasing a welfare van can provide employees with access to the facilities they need to maintain good hygiene and good health.

Welfare vans also play a crucial role in maintaining employee morale. In remote locations, employees may be isolated from their families and communities, and this can lead to feelings of loneliness and dissatisfaction. Having access to a well-equipped welfare van can help to alleviate these feelings by providing employees with a comfortable and social environment in which to relax and unwind. This can help to keep employees motivated and engaged and can improve their overall job satisfaction.

Another benefit of hiring or leasing welfare vans is that they are cost-effective. Traditional temporary accommodations and structures can be expensive to construct and maintain, and they may not provide the level of comfort and facilities that employees require. In contrast, welfare vans are a more cost-effective solution that can provide employees with the facilities they need, while minimizing costs for the company. Furthermore, welfare vans are often equipped with features such as generators, heating and cooling systems, and kitchen facilities, which can reduce the need for additional equipment and facilities. Finally, hiring or leasing welfare vans can help to improve safety on the job. By providing employees with a comfortable and well-equipped environment in which to rest and recharge, Fleet Managers can help to reduce the risk of fatigue-related accidents and injuries. This can help to minimize costs associated with workplace accidents, while also improving the overall safety of the work environment.

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In conclusion, there are many compelling reasons for business Fleet Managers in the utilities, construction and civil engineering industries to hire or lease welfare vans for remote working. These vehicles can provide employees with a comfortable and safe environment in which to rest and recharge, improve employee morale, health, hygiene, and well-being, and ultimately improve productivity and job satisfaction. By investing in welfare vans, Fleet Managers can ensure that their employees have the facilities they need to succeed, and that their company remains competitive in the industry. As Scotland’s complete fleet partner Alltruck are here to support fleet managers with a flexible approach to hiring welfare vans across Scotland.

Our welfare mess vans are a great choice for transport managers due to the high spec and quality finish of each build. The Ford transit provides impressive fuel efficiency and plenty of power for even the most demanding journeys when fully loaded. The ride is smooth and comfortable, and the handling is precise. The vans are reliable and have a good track record for dependability.

Welfare Mess Van offers a smooth and comfortable ride. The suspension is well-tuned, making for a comfortable experience for passengers and the handling is precise and the van is capable of tackling even the most challenging roads. The van also offers plenty of power even when transporting seven crew. It has a good track record for dependability and is backed by Ford’s strong reputation for quality and reliability. The van is also backed by a comprehensive warranty, giving owners peace of mind that their vehicle will continue to perform well.


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