1. The major units are interpreted to mean engine, gearbox and back axle(s)

2. It is meant to include the unit itself and not the components fixed to it. A full list is shown below:

ENGINE The inclusion applies to

SHORT ENGINE Block, crank, pistons, con rods, timing gears, oil pump.

CYLINDER HEAD Cylinder head, valves, springs, engine brake, Fuel Injection Pump.

The following components are not covered: Lift pump, flywheel, clutch, water pump, alternator, starter, injectors, pipes, damper, fan, power steering pump and reservoir compressor.

GEARBOX The inclusion applies to all internal working parts and casing

REAR AXLE The inclusion applies to

DIFFERENTIAL AND HUB REDUCTION All internal working parts including the half shaft and casing

3. If a major unit has been diagnosed as failing the customer must contact Alltruck to advise of repairs required, Alltruck will review this with our Technical Dept and advise our course of action. Any repairs deemed to be chargeable to Alltruck have to be authorised by them prior to any work being carried out, Alltruck will not pay for any work carried out for which they have not given written authority.

a) This Driveline Warranty covers to a maximum of £1500.00 or 15% of the purchase price per vehicle and can only be claimed once per sale.

b) In the event of “other factors” (ie fuel contamination, lack of maintenance etc) causing a major component failure, we reserve the right to challenge these and it is the operators’ responsibility to prove that these were not a contribution towards the failure.

This is the standard 3 Month Truck Warranty Terms for all used vehicles sold by Alltruck Commercial Vehicle Repairs that are supplied with an Alltruck Warranty.