Fudoshin Jissen Karate Club

Alltruck fudoshin karate stirling teamAlltruck are proud to offer support to Fudoshin Jissen Karate-Do, a Karate club which has been at the centre of our local community since 1980, improving the fitness and discipline of all ages.

We were delighted to help founder Craig Penman when he approached us for sponsorship and we look forward to hearing all about the clubs progress and hopefully competition wins in the future. Having started the Karate club over 37 years ago, Craig and his instructors have trained thousands of local adults and kids over the years, many of which have had great success in the sport.

A former Scottish and British Karate champion himself, Craig holds a 6th Dan in Black Belt and 1st Dan in Ju Jitsu, we certainly won't be reneging on any agreement, that's for sure! Joking apart, we are so pleased that we could be of help with the fundraising and sponsorship and we wish Craig and everyone involved with FJK the very best for the future.

UltimatekaratechampionshipscarlymcnabIf you would like to get involved with fundraising or perhaps join the club, Craig's contact details are on his webpage below or get in touch via his Facebook page.

Good morning,
Thank you very much for your time last week to discuss sponsorship of our Karate Club in Denny. Your kind offer of sponsorship will go a long way to help our talented athletes with their traveling expenses for the rest of 2017. Without such help the progress of these young athletes is uncertain and they may never reach their full potential. We are all greatly appreciative of the support from All Truck,

Kind Regards,
Craig Penman.

Craig Penman